A11y Meet-up

What? A bunch of people coming together to talk about accessibility!
When? 17th of August, 19:00.
Where? XING AG, Dammtorstr. 30, 4. Floor, 20354 Hamburg (Location on Google Maps)
Costs? There will be no costs.

Sounds good right? If you want to come, tell Lasse on Twitter or send him an e-mail.

We are also looking for a few people to give a so called lightning talk—these are short talks that last anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes; so if you're up for that, please tell us.


There is an elevator to take you to the 4th floor quite possibly also back down again. Guide animals—be it dogs or dinosaurs—are also welcome.


Name Twitter Company Lightning talk?
Lasse Diercks @lassediercks Jimdo Gmbh basic principles of accessibility
Britta Ulrich @Sabrittas XING AG
Kristina Reinhart @sk_freckle XING AG
Karla Jabben
Matthew Hartz @huzzad InnoGames GmbH
Andrei Dinu @Luchadoor Jimdo Gmbh
Stephan Dilly @Extrawurst InnoGames GmbH
Florian Heissenberg InnoGames GmbH
Marco Zehe @MarcoInEnglish Mozilla Maybe
Ana Risteska @_anaris
Simona-Isabela Nastasa @isabelanastasa dmc digital media center GmbH a11y relationships
Vitaliy Sobur
Maria Goodgame Studios
Johannes Nanninga CoreMedia AG Maybe
Karo Blendinger CoreMedia AG
Christian Graf @meta_ux Accessible Maps
Emanuel Kluge @Herschel_R Jimdo Gmbh
Sascha Lange @slshdot
Markus Bertling @HerrBertling Jimdo Gmbh

Thinking about attending

Name Twitter Company Lightning talk?
Tarek Garir @TarekGarir AKGRA Gmbh
Michiel Bijl @MichielBijl The Paciello Group Maybe

Who is running this?

Lasse attended an a11y meetup in amsterdam that blew his mind. Organised by lovely people, attended by awesome people so he decided to do the same thing in his home-city Hamburg. He wrote about his experience on Medium.